Coronavirus Update for Restaurants in Wisconsin

With the ongoing and increased uncertainty over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), here at the WRA our primary focus is – and will continue to be – to educate and support our restaurant and supplier partners through this difficult and challenging time. We are taking proactive measures to advocate for and alert members to changing policies, guidelines and best practices.

WRA has put together helpful resources targeted for employers, employees and others in the industry. Please check back often as we will continue to update this website as new information comes available and new developments arise.

Resources for Restaurants

Check here for the latest government updates. You’ll also find helpful resources including a COVID-19 employer toolkit, how to get started with delivery services guide, ideas to support employees and an FAQ.

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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled and struck down the Department of Health Services Safer at Home Order extension via Emergency Order 28. We know you’re confused and have many questions. Can my restaurant re-open? Should I re-open? What is the best way to re-open?

WRA advises restaurant operators to carefully open if you feel it is right for your business and your community. If you do choose to open, it's important to do everything possible to mitigate the risk of spread and build confidence in customers.

The situation is still very fluid and things can change very quickly. Local health departments (counties and municipalities) can legally issue an emergency order to continue Safer at Home provisions within your area. Some have issued their own orders and the details vary. It’s imperative to keep an eye on what’s going on in your city and county to ensure that you are not in violation of local mandates, opening yourselves up to fines and license revocation. We encourage you to check directly with your local health department for the latest information for your area and check in often as regulations can change quickly. See List of Local Health Departments

When you decide to open up and welcome back dining room customers, we encourage you to check out the Wisconsin Promise program and other helpful resources developed by WRA as well as the state guidelines recently released by WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation).

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Resources for Restaurant Employees

Important resources on unemployment benefits, supplemental food programs, health insurance, temporary job listings and mental health resources.

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Wisconsin Eats – Takeout, Delivery, Drive-Through and Curbside

A listing of restaurants who are offering takeout, curbside and delivery services. Restaurants are encouraged to fill out an online form so we can promote their current services.

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All around our communities people are pulling together, helping each other, adapting and thinking outside the box.  Take a moment to hear some feel good stories and innovative strategies that restaurant businesses are implementing to keep their business going and to be there for their communities.





May 13, 2020 - The Supreme Court has struck down the Safer at Home extension via Emergency Order 28. WRA staff are quickly reading the brief and will provide thoughts on what the court said and what it means for restaurant operators. This is an extremely fluid situation, but we are glad to see that Wisconsin restaurants may have a more definitive date to start preparing their doors for reopening!

Some counties may issue their own emergency order to continue the Safer at Home provisions within the county lines.  This is legal for counties to do. While restaurants may be tempted to open immediately, they need to make sure that their county has not issued its own orders, therefore opening them up to fines and license revocation.


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DNC in Milwaukee—The Latest Info


In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 DNC has been rescheduled from its original July 13-16 dates to August 17, 2020. It is unclear at this time how many days the convention will run. We will provide updates as soon as this information has been announced.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) set to be held in Milwaukee in August, 2020 is a tremendous opportunity for local restaurants and can present some unexpected challenges as well.

Look here for the latest info for Milwaukee area businesses.

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Owner and Chef Discussion


Now Hiring—Resources for Employee Recruitment

We've heard from our members that staffing is the number one concern right now for restaurant operators. It's time to think outside the box on how to tackle this challenge. WRA offers resources for employee recruitment and managing a multigenerational workforce with some ideas you may not have thought about before.

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