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ServSafe Online

Meet your food safety and bartending certification requirements when it fits your schedule. This convenient online training option gives you the flexibility to complete the course within 90 days.


ServSafe® Manager Online Training with Remote Proctoring

Convenient online training that provides 90 days to study at your own pace. New bundle available - includes online training, exam access code and virtual proctored exam through ProctorU.

  • Updated with the 2017 FDA Food Code
  • Audio text allows the learner to read along
  • Interactive activities that allow the learner to practice real-life situations
  • Practice exam included to help prepare students for the proctored Certification Exam
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish, student selects language at start of course (online exam offered in English, Spanish or Simplified Chinese), proctor gives instructions in English
  • Computer + Web Cam/Mic and private room required—check your device; view ProctorU's Pre-Exam Checklist for exam day guidelines

Contact WRA to purchase or for more information at 800.589.3211 or click here.

Additional study and exam options

Chef Washing

Online Course & Live Exam

Proctored Options

Convenient online training that provides 90 days to study at your own pace on Includes downloadable study guides, reference materials and interactive exercises. The exam must still be taken in a proctored environment.

$112-$125 + proctor fee

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Self-Study with Current Book & Live Exam

Purchase the most current edition of the ServSafe Manager book with Food Code for study on your own. Your exam must be proctored.

Approximately $70 + proctor fee

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Buy the Book

Proctored Exam Only

In the state of Wisconsin, training sessions are not required but some type of study (book or online) is recommended prior to testing. Exam retest fees can be expensive, so make sure you’re studying the most up-to-date materials.

$60 and up

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Wisconsin Bartender Training

Fulfill the state requirement to be a certified bartender in Wisconsin. ServSafe Alcohol® outlines effective responsible alcohol service practices for front-of-house staff and covers alcohol laws, intoxication evaluation, ID checks and more.

  • WRA Members save 10% with this low cost program – only $30 for the online course
  • ServSafe Alcohol® meets state requirements for alcohol service
  • Low-cost, quality program
  • Convenient training entirely online
  • Quick four-hour course can be completed over 90 days
  • Satisfies state requirements for bartenders (primary course and exam) when you choose the Wisconsin version at the start of the online training
  • Training on responsible alcohol service for front-of-house staff

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ServSafe Alcohol® Primary Examination

Wisconsin Requirements

The Wisconsin version satisfies the Wisconsin state bartender training requirements. It is a non-secured (easier and non-proctored) exam that tests for basic responsible alcohol service. Upon passing the exam, you will receive your alcohol safety certification.

To ensure compliance, please follow these steps:

  • Take the Wisconsin Tobacco online course. For more information, click here.
  • Purchase the ServSafe Alcohol Online Course and Primary Exam (SSAOLP3), which also includes a Wisconsin state supplement and Wisconsin state quiz.
  • Take the ServSafe Alcohol Online Course, download and review the Wisconsin state supplement and then take both the Wisconsin state quiz and ServSafe Alcohol Primary Exam.
  • Apply for an Operator’s (bartender’s) license with your local municipality within 2 years of your examination date.
Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws