ServSafe® Allergen Online Training

The Allergen Online Training Course provides critical information for accommodating guests with food allergies. Sign-up today and complete your training and assessment within 90 days to receive your certification.

  • Comprehensive training covers food allergens and special dietary requests
  • Helps managers and employees prevent cross-contact, handle emergencies and service guests
  • Provides your businesses with better protection; not yet a Wisconsin requirement
  • The online training is convenient and inexpensive

This online course is perfect for everyone in your restaurant, from the front of house to the back. Overall assistance in identifying allergens and cross-contamination/contact, along with how to deal with emergencies and specials requests, to the importance of food labels and personal hygiene. While Wisconsin doesn't currently require the course, many states do, so get ahead of the game and register today.

$17.60 for members
$22 for non-members

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