In this business, any restaurant owner’s greatest asset is their employees. In an increasingly competitive hiring market, it’s essential to retain top talent. 

Labor costs associated with recruiting, training and onboarding employees in a business can ratchet up quickly. The good news? WRA supports operators with a variety of options. 

Creating a stellar culture, offering employee benefits like health coverage, developing reward systems, encouraging flexible work schedules and supporting higher wages than industry standards are all ways to keep your best employees happy and loyal.



WRA provides access to a suite health plan options to help operators create a better, more loyal workforce and support wellness in the hospitality industry.

Thanks to recently expanded regulations to Association Health Plans (AHPs) by the US Department of Labor, small to mid-size business owners and their employees can now enjoy similar health coverage benefits as large employers through WRA’s innovative plans.

Our goal is to keep you, your team members and families happy and healthy.



health Insurance plan

Restaurant and lodging employers of every size—small, midsize or large—can now access exclusive healthcare pricing and solutions for their employees through UnitedHealth Group and the Restaurant & Hospitality Association Benefit Trust.

  • Over 120 plan designs for restaurant and lodging businesses with as few as 2 full-time employees
  • Similar product selection and pricing flexibility for small and large employers
  • Exclusive discounts on medical and specialty benefits for eligible employers.
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Prescription Drugs

Save up to 75% on Prescriptions


Help attract and retain quality employees by offering them a new medication and prescription savings program – the WRA Pharmacy Discount Card.

  • Completely free – no fees, forms or participant limits
  • Save up to 75% (40% avg) on FDA-approved meds
  • Valid at 62,000+ pharmacies nationwide
  • No deductibles, exclusions, limits or maximums

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Happy Cashiers

A Positive Workplace Culture

Believe it not, pay is not always the most important consideration for potential employees.  Workplace culture is a huge deciding factor for restaurant employees in deciding where to work and where to stay.

Restaurants who work hard to foster a positive workplace environment are finding these efforts are paying off in reduced turnover and exceptional customer service for guests.

Dimitri and Erin Vranas from Parthenon in Madison share their story about how they have created a positive workplace culture where everyone (employees and the business) thrives.

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Wisconsin Restaurateur article “Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture”

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Catering Staff


A few restaurant operators have told us works in their business to help with employee retention. Here's what they said:

  • We are very fortunate to have many long-term employees. We have to pay much higher than industry standard and be much more flexible with their work schedule requests. 
  • Retention has been based on higher than normal compensation, health insurance and the push to 4 day work weeks.

What's working best for your business?

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Quick Bites Session


The Midwest Foodservice Expo (MFE) is the state’s largest event for the entire industry to explore new ideas, see nee trends and take home valuable training to apply in restaurant and hospitality businesses. Sending your managers, chefs and top-performing employees shows them you recognize their talents and appreciate their dedication to your business.

Registration is just $30 for industry professionals in advance—WRA members receive a minimum of four free advance registrations. 

It’s a low investment, high value opportunity to reward staff.

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