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2020 is a year that we’d all like to forget.  But within the hardship that COVID brought to our industry, there were some creative business shifts as well as safety measures put in place that have helped consumers feel safer dining out.

We at the Wisconsin Restaurant Association hope that you find this COVID-19 Playbook a source of inspiration. Our goal is to give you ideas on how to do things differently in your business during a time when dining out has been redefined. We hope this Playbook inspires you on how to drive revenue from different sources, how to connect with customers differently and how to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy.

Inside this Special Edition you’ll find:

  • Ideas on how to create outdoor experiences
  • Data on takeout and delivery
  • Tips on how to capture more business
  • Companies that supply COVID-specific products and services
Alex Liautaud

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COVID-19 Business Ideas

Special Digital Edition

A collection of ideas, best practices and industry data to help foodservice operators do things differently during COVID.

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