Political Endorsements

WRA works to shape the legislature by letting candidates know which issues are important to the restaurant industry and our members.

WRA endorses candidates based upon their stance on key business issues that impact the restaurant industry that are approved by WRA’s board of directors.

Endorsements are only made if a questionnaire or interview is completed and the candidate is favorable to most of the key issues that were identified.

The endorsement process is 100% based upon the candidate’s stance on those key issues.  

Candidate Questions

WRA will update endorsements prior to each Spring and Fall election.


General Election: Tuesday, November 3rd

WRA’s Endorsements for the 2020 Election

WRA only endorses candidates who have completed an interview or questionnaire and their answers are favorable to most of the association’s key legislative issues.

State Senate

Candidate DistrictIncumbent, Challenger, Open RaceEligible for Restaurant Caucus?
LaTonya Johnson D SD 6IncumbentYes
Joan Ballweg R SD 14Open RaceNo
Dan FeyenRSD 18IncumbentNo
Duey StroebelR SD 20IncumbentNo
Dan KapankeR SD 32IncumbentYes


State Assembly

Candidate DistrictIncumbent, Challenger, Open RaceEligible for Restaurant Caucus?
Joel KitchensRAD 1IncumbentYes
Shae SortwellRAD 2IncumbentNo
Ron TuslerRAD 3IncumbentYes
David SteffenRAD 4IncumbentYes
Rob HuttonRAD 13IncumbentNo
Joe SanfelippoRAD 15IncumbentYes
Paul TittlRAD 25IncumbentYes
Barbara DittrichRAD 38IncumbentYes
Alex DallmanRAD 41Open RaceYes
Jon PlumerRAD 42IncumbentYes
Mark SpreitzerDAD 45IncumbentYes
Tony KurtzRAD 50IncumbentYes
Todd NovakRAD 51IncumbentYes
Jeremy ThiesfeldtRAD 52IncumbentNo
Gordon HintzDAD 54IncumbentYes
Rachel Cabral-GuevaraRAD 55Open RaceNo
David MurphyRAD 56IncumbentNo
Timothy RamthunRAD 59IncumbentNo
Roger Wittke Jr.RAD 62IncumbentNo
Robin VosRAD 63IncumbentYes
Rob SummerfeldRAD 67IncumbentYes
Katrina ShanklandDAD 71IncumbentNo
Scott KrugRAD 72IncumbentYes
Keith KernRAD 73ChallengerYes
James BolenRAD 74ChallengerYes
David ArmstrongRAD 75Open RaceYes
David ConsidineDAD 81IncumbentNo
Ken SkowronskiRAD 82IncumbentYes
Jodi EmersonDAD 91IncumbentYes
Warren PetrykRAD 93IncumbentYes
Steve DoyleDAD 94IncumbentNo
Loren OldenbergRAD 96IncumbentNo
Scott Allen R AD 97IncumbentYes