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Dining-Alliance-logo-with-Trademark-with-Tag-LineThe Wisconsin Restaurant Association has developed a partnership with the nation’s largest Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for the foodservice industry. We’re helping you collect Cash Back Rebates on items that you buy every day for your business. Get cash back on 165,000 items from over 350 big manufacturers. 

This WRA endorsed program is easy for our members to join and literally costs you nothing extra. And there’s no contract. Plus you don’t change how or who you purchase from.

Your membership in WRA gets you access to $12 billion in purchasing power. This saves you money like the big businesses do with a nice quarterly rebate back to you.

It’s simple. You buy like you always do from whichever distributors you have a relationship with. On the backend the GPO’s system tracks your purchases, finds the rebates available based on the purchases that you made and sends you a rebate check every quarter. 

Perks include:

  • Quarterly cash back checks for food + disposables
  • Member discounts on non-food costs like paper goods and clothing (like ChefWorks and Skechers) and more
  • Significant DirecTV discount available (plus NFL Sunday Ticket!)
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For more information on Membership, contact:

Dawn Faris | Vice President, Exposition & Business Development



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Common FAQs

Is there a cost to participate?

No, this is absolutely free.  We actually give money back to you in the form of rebates from your F&B purchases.

What is the length of the contract?

You can cancel at any time with no penalty.  You’ll stop receiving the rebates…which would be a shame!  But you are free to cancel at any time.

What if my business has already negotiated rebates with different manufacturers?

That’s great!  When you sign up for Dining Alliance you will make note of special pricing that you have already negotiated with specific manufacturers.  Dining Alliance will exclude those companies and only search for rebates with the other companies that you aren’t contracted with. 

Will I be placing my orders directly with Dining Alliance?

Nope.  You keep ordering from whoever you normally do.  Dining Alliance doesn’t tell you who you should be purchasing from.  Dining Alliance is a distributor neutral program.  You continue your normal buying habits and purchase direct with your distributors.  We just check your purchases to see if there are rebates sitting out there for you to collect on.  If there are, we will send you a rebate check back every quarter!  Once you get everything set up, it’s pretty easy and the program just keeps paying you back.

Do I need to change my distributors?

Absolutely NOT!  Unlike some other group purchasing organizations, Dining Alliance’s program isn’t driven by distributors.  Instead it’s tied to manufacturers.  Dining Alliance is a distributor neutral program.  They don’t care who you buy from.  But they do reward you with rebates back if you buy from specific manufacturers.

Do I have to meet a certain weekly or monthly purchase limit?

The answer is no.  The rebates are simply based on volume.  So…the more that you buy, the greater chance for a bigger rebate.

When and how do I receive my rebate?

The first rebate will take up to 9 months to receive.  After that first rebate, you will then receive future checks regularly every quarter.

The rebate will come as a check in the mail to you with a breakdown on which manufacturers you earned rebates from.

This all sounds great, how do I get signed up?

You just need to complete an online “Letter of Participation”.  Get started here

The application process will take you about 15-20 minutes.  You will need to identify which distributors you normally purchase from.  Please make sure that you have your customer ID ready along with your log-in info for your distributor accounts. 

Please remember, you must be a WRA member to enroll in this rebate program.

Does Dining Alliance sell or share my information?


Do I have to link all of my distributor accounts?

No, you don’t have to.  But it is recommended that you do.  Linking your distributor accounts to your Dining Alliance account allows the software to regularly check your purchases to see if there are rebates sitting there for you to collect.  If you don’t electronically link your accounts, you will have to take a picture of your detailed invoice and send it over that way each time that you order.

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