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WRA has launched a NEW & IMPROVED Dining Guide. It has more targeted searches, improved layouts, mobile friendly, your restaurant photo* and more!

We need all of our members to fill out their information!

If you have more than one location that has different dining options, please submit the information for each location separately. If you have more than one location with the same dining options, please note it in the comments.

Carrie Douglas

For more information on the Dining Guide, contact:

Carrie Douglas | Member Engagement Manager


Shane Sanders

For problems uploading, contact:

Shane Sanders | Graphic Artist/Webmaster


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Upload Photo

WRA would like to feature a photo of each restaurant on the new Dining Guide. Please submit a photo of the outside of your restaurant or your restaurant sign by any of the methods indicated below. Due to copyright concerns, photos need to be of exterior building or signage.  Please don't submit photos of your food and drink items, your logo (unless it is on your sign) or photos with people—we will not be able to use those photos.

WRA would love to display photos for as many of our members as possible. Please help this happen by submitting your photo.

Send image(s) preferably as JPEG, TIFF, GIF or EPS format only. Please make sure your image is at least 3 inches wide at 300 DPI. We can also accept PDF, GIF, BMP and AI files.

Large files may take awhile to process. You will recieve a confirmation notice in this window when the file has been uploaded successfully.

NOTE: Before uploading, please rename your file to include the name of your restaurant.
Ex: Shanes_Fantastic_Diner_exterior.jpg NOT z4378.jpeg or it may be classified as spam.


Email photo to cnistler@wirestaurant.org. Please include your restaurant name and location in the email.

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