Unique Local Programs

America Works, Milwaukee
America Works is an employment agency that matches clients of all backgrounds and experiences with employers.
Email: Carlyle Outten coutten@americaworks.com 414-267-2422

Social Development Commission, Milwaukee
The SDC operates more than 20 programs designed to improve the overall quality of life for low-income residents through asset development, family strengthening, employment, education and training and support services.  SDC is offering a new program that provides culinary training to interested clients.
Email: Courtney Kelly ckelly@cr-sdc.org 414-906-2700

Maximus, Milwaukee
Maximus serves the Milwaukee community in the areas of healthcare, child welfare, employment and education.  They offer a variety of employment programs including weekly onsite recruitment events and administer a Trial Employment Mach Program.
Email: Antoine K Dukes antoineKDukes@maximus.com 414-203-8664

Wisconsin Community Services, Milwaukee
WCS offers adult employment and training services focused on employability including job development and placement, job retention, transportation assistance and case management.
Email: Leslye Love llove@wiscs.org 414-290-0482

Refugee Programs, local programs statewide
Local programs help refugees by providing housing resources, employment opportunities and access to community resources.
Email Benjamin York at Benjamin.york@wisconsin.gov

Catholic Multicultural Center, Madison
The Catholic Multicultural Center is a social-service based community center on Madison’s South side. Through the Culinary Creations Catering social enterprise, the CMC offers foodservice training and professional development to open the door to new career opportunities to individuals facing barriers to employment.

Just Bakery, Madison
Just Bakery is a 16 week educational and vocational training program developed in in collaboration with faculty from Madison College’s Baking and Culinary Arts program. The training program works with individuals who are experiencing significant barriers to employment who have an interest in baking or culinary arts as a career pathway.

Northside Planning Council, Madison
With the goal of advancing racial and economic equity, the Northside Planning council’s areas of focus include small business incubation, food security, regional food system coordination, vocational training, commercial district revitalization, community journalism and technology, grassroots leadership development, and community organizing including the FEED Kitchen food business incubator program and the FEED Bakery training program.

Operation Fresh Start, Madison
Operation Fresh Start focuses on the importance of youth ages 16-24 as assets in the community.
Their mission is to provide disconnected youth a path to self-sufficiency through education and job training.

OCD, Marshfield
ODC serves people with disabilities by providing skills training and employment services, and assistance in becoming more active in their communities.

Employ Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Employ Milwaukee is the workforce development board serving Milwaukee County. Their goal is to provide job seekers education and training options in high-growth, high-demand sectors -- and provide a skilled and sustainable workforce to attract, retain and grow diverse businesses and talent in order to be competitive in an innovative economy.

The Grand Avenue Club, Milwaukee
The Grand Avenue Club in downtown Milwaukee assists adults with mental illness to achieve recovery and productivity. Some restaurants in downtown Milwaukee have had success with employing clients from Grand Avenue Club.

Journey House Center for Family Learning and Youth Athletics, Milwaukee
Journey House empowers families on Milwaukee’s near southside to move out of poverty through adult education, youth development, workforce readiness and family engagement. Journey House is opening a café this Spring to help train clients in food service and hospitality.
Email Ryan Schone at ryan.Schone@ces.uwex.edu

Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance, Milwaukee
The Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance is an employer-driven consortium of private and public funders of workforce development dedicated to increasing the Milwaukee region’s employment environment – to the benefit of both Milwaukee’s businesses that need skilled workers and for the individuals seeking good jobs and careers with family-supporting wages.

Milwaukee Urban League, Inc., Milwaukee
The Milwaukee Urban League provides essential services, strong results-oriented programming, to those who share a desire to be productive, contributing members of the community. Their job placement programs include pre-screening and training of applicants to ensure that they are job ready.
Email Andre McMurtry at amcmurtry@tmul.org

Troop Café, Milwaukee
Troop Café is a not for profit café in Milwaukee that provides foodservice and hospitality training to US Veterans. The Café service affordable, healthy breakfast and lunch to the general public. It is a non-profit social enterprise of the Center for Veterans Issues, Ltd.

Word of Hope Ministries, Milwaukee
Word of Hope Family Resource Center and Technology Center is to provide a wide array of services to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and occupational needs of individuals and families in the Milwaukee community. Word of Hope currently offers a culinary training program.
Email Cliff Taylor at ctaylor@wohmke.org

RCS Empowers, Inc., Sheboygan
RCS Empowers, Inc. provides services to people with disabilities in the Sheboygan community. Their mission is to empower individuals so that they may work, live and function with dignity and respect. The agency provides educational and vocational services through day services, work services and employment services.

Goodwill Industries, Southeastern Wisconsin
Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin provides training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence. Employment and training are their primary focus, assisting men and women to develop their job skills and secure work opportunities that fulfill their personal and professional goals. They offer a variety of training programs including the Goodwill Culinary Institute.