Sep 22, 2020

Governor Extends Statewide Mask Mandate

chef_mask_1708621240Governor Tony Evers today declared a new public health emergency in Wisconsin and issued a new face coverings order effective immediately. The orders are in response to an increase of coronavirus cases across the state and on college campuses.

The mask mandate requires everyone age 5 and older to wear a mask while indoors, except at home. It is effective immediately and will expire on November 21st or with a subsequent superseding order.

While there will most likely be debate regarding the enforcement of this order, WRA recommends that restaurants comply with this mandate to avoid any liability or penalties. WRA will keep members alerted of any challenges or changes to the order.

The Governor previously declared a public health emergency under Executive Order #82, which remains in effect.

Mask Mandate/Order #1

Health Emergency/Order #90

WRA has signs for download to remind guests about social distancing and that masks are required.

Masks Required and Social Distancing Signs