In foodservice—whether as a restaurant owner, manager, employee, student, or supplier—we serve each other daily. Isn’t it time to serve your business?

Membership in the Wisconsin Restaurant Association (WRA) supports education, advocacy and communication for Wisconsin restaurants, F&B operations and the industry as a whole. You’ll have access to a variety of helpful tools, money-saving discounts and time-saving services to help you run a business, better.

As a WRA member, you’ll be able to take advantage of a suite of benefits—and—you’ll join a fantastic group food, beverage and hospitality professionals all interested in raising up their businesses, their team members and their communities.

We’re all in this together. WRA has your back.


Dawn Faris

For more information, contact:

Dawn Faris | Vice President, Exposition & Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

I work in the industry, can I become a member?

WRA is a trade association made up of member businesses including restaurants, other foodservice establishments and suppliers to the industry. While we do not have individual memberships, if your employer is a member, you can be listed on the membership. Just ask your employer to provide your contact information to us and you will begin to receive our communications.

My restaurant is a small independent. Do you have members like me or only chains?

Most of WRA's members are just like you. Actually, the majority of WRA's membership is comprised of independent restaurants. It is a common misconception that restaurant associations only benefit the big restaurants or chains. That is untrue.

Why should I spend the money on membership?

Investing in membership with the WRA saves you time and money in a variety of ways... it is like having your own consulting firm specializing in HR issues, federal and state compliance, licensing, food safety, business discounts and more.

Is WRA membership mandatory?

Membership in WRA is not required by any regulatory agency. However, we know you will find your membership investment to be one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

What is your most popular benefit?

It depends... some of our members find our informational resources including our Ask WRA hotline, publications and other resources to be their favorite. Others are passionate about the advocacy work WRA does for the industry. While others appreciate being connected with a community of fellow operators. And, everyone enjoys the discounts they get for being a member.